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Supply List Algebra Geometry I and Algebra 8 (2016-2017)

Pathfinder Algebra (8th grade)
Course Syllabus--PLEASE READ

FAQ re: Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3)

Family Brochure To Help With Homework

Parent and Family Place: My Math Universe (CMP3) Videos for homework help, how to use the digital version of the text (ActivE Book), background, glossaries


Algebra/Geometry I (HS credit course--4th hour only) Course Syllabus--PLEASE READ

Strategic Math 8th Course Description

Dear Families: Thinking with Mathmatical Models

Pathfinder Algebra 8th (hours 3,6,7) Strategic Math 8th (hours 1, 5)

AG I(4th hour only)

*The agendas are estimated plans for what we will be doing in class. Due dates, assignment specifications, number and type of assignments, and collection dates may be modified at any time at the discretions of the teacher. Changes will be announced by the teacher and/or written on the board in the classroom. It is the student's responsibility to be alert to these notices.

Items of Note

To e/mail Mrs. Regal Coller, click here.

Phone: (810) 225-5254

Assignments are due the first class meeting after they are assigned unless students are otherwise notified.

Absent students should check the agenda and then the extra handouts bin for her/his class.



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